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W Nina Prader and Alex Head 

In the shadow of United States Confederate Statue  takedowns Alex Head & Nina Prader excavate underlying  tensions woven throughout a delicate and nuanced problem:  Assembling America.

 The scars of the racial discrimination 

in America have yet and may never heal. It is their presence  in  the face of historical erasure that must be witnessed.


In  response to discourses of left/right activism around the  removal or relocation of historic Confederate Statues,  sub_ʇxǝʇ attempts to relocate our current crisis within  specific historical, social and economic biases. 


With material including: 

Interview with Joseph Dunn, head Press Officer at Laura  Plantation Museum, Louisiana. Interview with Edna  Bonhomme, activist and researcher. 
And organ music recorded live from Albinas Prizgintas, New  Orleans 

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