Threads* sub_ʇxǝʇ Curatorial  Presents: CONTAINERS II 

A special journey into CONTAINERS II with Nicholas Mortimer and  Alex Head.



Lauri Anderson - Blue Lagoon 

White Line Theory - Narrated by Nicholas Mortimer - 
[Music: Stars of the Lid-Virginia mixed to Mitchell Akiyama - Palindrone.1] 

Snawklor - (various variations) 

Stars of the Lid - Atomium 

Antikyther - Narrated by Nathan Gray 

Surfacing - Melancholy Of Fulfillment 

Field Recordings - Alex Head 

Lee Ranaldo - Ambient Loop for Vancouver 

Snawklor - (various variations) 

Celestial Chat Bots Chat - N.Mortimer / C. Monleon / A Vikhornova  (C>A>N) 

Surfacing - Her Smoke rose up.... 

Interview with Rebeldia - A. Head / Veena / N.Mortimer / Rebeldia 

Labradford - Texas 

Snawklor - (various variations) 

Field Recordings - Alex Head 

Cluster & Eno - Paris, November 1977 

Snawklor - (various variations) 

Ballad of the Ops Ruin - N Mortimer - 
[Feat. Jermain Jackson Castles made of sand]