The Weirding Module is a show that deals with  speech and the voice in contemporary art and  experimental music. 

This episode, No.8 - A Tentacle Mess, deals with  Mark Fisher's book The Weird and The Eerie, I'll  play some of the musical and literary references  as well as some works that I think express his idea  that there is something inherently eerie about the  acousmatic experience. 

Features works by The Fall, MR James, Brian Eno,  Steven Warwick, Peter Rose, a lecture by Sophie  Scott on the neurobiology of laughter, some  electronic voice phenomenon (ghost voices),  interviews with possessed children and some of  Mark Fisher's own lectures as well as a couple of  pieces kindly provided to me by Erik Bünger. 

All just ahead of the release of Mark Fisher and  Justin Barton's On Vanishing Land which is  released on Hyperdub this week.