Researched Music, Sound and Dj Sets from  Across the Threads* Network 


Threads* sub_ʇxǝʇ Curatorial  Presents: Mix Digital 2020 - DJ  Daiki 

Diakali Kone is a Malian DJ and director of radio  communautaire au Mali and animateur des  cérémonies. He is famous for his quick unceasing  rhythms that give power without aggression  punctuated by live drum machine. 

Threads* sub_ʇxǝʇ Curatorial  Presents: Ultra Red - Rosanna  Lovell & Gregor Kasper 

Rosanna and Gregor deliver a broadcast focusing on their work with the materials of sound activist  collective Ultra Red, thinking about strategies for  listening and what this reveals about the dynamics of the city. 

Threads* sub_ʇxǝʇ Curatorial  Presents: Jśa - when it's summer... 

jśa - when it's summer i miss the winter, when it's  winter i miss the summer, good luck to any future  boyfriends. 

A mix from bedroom producer, lyricist and seasonal fomo survivor jśa. 

Threads* sub_ʇxǝʇ Curatorial  Presents: UnruheSTIFTer II 

Lesung I Poetry in Motion I Podcast WG !!! Texte  die wir in der Schublade haben, Texte die uns  bewegen, Texte die uns inspirieren und Texte, die  wir mit euch teilen möchten ... Seid ein Teil unserer  Podcast WG im Theater X! 

Tasmanian Radio Queens Julia Drouhin and Pip  Stafford present chapter 3 of their novella/ score  SK entitled EARTH MOON EARTH. Even the meat- sack of our bodies (made from stardust and billions of years of coincidence) emits an electromagnetic  frequency - vibrating “beyond the red”, warm  waves as we move through the world.

Capas de ritmo: Subversive pop songs from Latin America, Volume I.

Early Labyrinth presents a small collection of   Spanish-language songs from Latin America which touch on social issues, whether through overtly  political lyrics or more obscured messages hidden  in Cuban rhythms, merengue beats, funk riffs, or  80s pop music.