Weirding Module #7 

with Nathan Gray 

Didactic Nonsense

The Weirding Module is a show that deals with  speech and the voice in contemporary art and  experimental music. 

Agnes Scherer - The Teacher: a didactic operetta  w/ music by Tobias Textor perf: Soya Arakawa and  Claudia Barth, 2019 
The Hen Convention - John James Villiers, 1897 
Excerpt: speaking is difficult - Chris Man, 2017 
#Snorking - Double Goocher Shop (MP Hopkins,  Renato Grieco), 2018 
Sound and Sense - Amanda Stewart, ABC Studio  256 
To Grease Another's Palm - Lucinda Dayhew, 2018 
I'm Happy to Own My Implicit Biases - Nora Toruto, Bielfelder Kunstverein, 2018 
Eliksir Strona - Tomasz Kowalski 
unknown - Tomasz Kowalski and Andrzej Szpindler 
lightning rod - Carrick Bell, 2018