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sub_ʇxǝʇ is an itinerant platform for research, discussion and  sonic knowledge production. It produces and distributes radio  programmes across a thematic spectrum ranging from  investigative reporting to experimental sound and music. 


Designed as an inherently collaborative platform programs are developed with artists and practitioners  within 1-month-to-1-year  timeframes.


Given that the sub_ʇxǝʇ is constantly developing, the breadth  and ambition of the platform evolves also. This website  serves as the listen-back archive for specific series of curated  programming. The project now sees the platform itself as the  space for collaborative exchange where once each  programme represented this co-emergent process. 


sub_ʇxǝʇ covers specific projects and environments through  on the ground research and dialogue. It is concerned with its  own mechanisms of knowledge reproduction and in  questioning power. The project was founded in 2017 by artist, author and researcher Alex Head

sub_ʇxǝʇ is a partner project of Threads Radio in  London and seeks new ways to co-curate with Threads on  the stations second stream Threads* or Threads*Stream II. 


Threads Radio is a diverse, accessible and community-  focused radio station. Connecting local communities across the world and empowering people to express themselves through music, discussion and art. 

sub_ʇxǝʇ is about The Work 

What does sub_ʇxǝʇ mean as a collaborative stance today?  The working process of the platform involves bracketed  amounts of time allocated to the production of new auditory  work. The work is expected to explore its subject in a manner  that is critical and of high interest to its audience who  maintain a silent presence throughout the pieces creation.  Political, historical and critical approaches to knowledge  production should be substantially researched no-matter the  subject (djing through journalism). In this way the platform  offers focused comment on a given discourse while seeking  to maintain accessibility through language.  

Where they occur sub_ʇxǝʇ favours local engagements with  actors not necessarily experienced in the medium and that  form out of a natural affinity, rather than tokenistic  microphones shoved in peoples faces. The platform aims to  promote the work of practitioners who follow an arc of  inquiry matched by their own integrity, criticality and self  awareness. 

From an organisational perspective sub_ʇxǝʇ now welcomes  the challenge of curatorial direction from amongst its already  growing network. The platform can only exist with your work  and hopes very much to be a place of constructive discourse  which takes and retakes its shape through mutual  engagement.  


sub_ʇxǝʇ’s goal has been for each show to unfold as a unique  collaboration between equal partners. This expanded to  shows such as the Weirding Module with Nathan Gray and  Sentimental Songs for Sentimental People with Emily Gale  (aka Dj Sentimentemily), who brought their own research  focuses and sonic practices to the listening party. 


Threads Radio London 



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All images Copyright to sub_ʇxǝʇ aka subtext radio 

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