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rƎCAsʇ bʎ DƎsᴉgN


Architecture Without Borders 


Photo: Housing on Ciliwung Riverfront 

I found Kamil through contacting Architecture Sans Frontières Indonesia. Indonesia is situated in the 'Ring of Fire' and suffers consistently from natural disasters like Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Volcanoes … but also from social precarity, poverty, and lack of adequate infrastructure. Architecture Sans Frontiers International (ASF) is a network of architects concerned with social justice. Interestingly, they are held together by something called the Hasselt Charter. It is an inspirational and thoughtful pledge of 10 design ambitions ranging from defending and promoting access to dignified habitat as a ‘fundamental human right’ … to fostering social responsibility as more important than speculative economic profitability in the design practice. I can only recommend reading through the charter, reflecting on it and discussing it widely as a sort of manifesto for changing architectural practice today. Doing as much myself, still left me with many questions about how this charter could be implemented and even how it is being implemented by others. Kamil is a cofounder of ASF Indonesia and was very eloquent and detailed in his experience and responses to Architecture’s opportunities for social justice in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Architecture Sans Frontières Indonesia 


Jakarta, Indonesia: Co-housing project at Ciliwung Riverfront



Photo: Housing on Ciliwung Riverfront   


Photo: Housing on Ciliwung Riverfront   


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