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rƎCAsʇ bʎ DƎsᴉgN




Photo: reused materials - doors from a demolition site in Detmerode, IAK  

I learned about Folke Köbberling’s work and teaching because I also teach at the Technical University in Brunswick, or TU-Braunschweig in German, where she is a professor. She leads the IAK - the Institute for architecture-related-art there. The institute is a bit hidden from the rest of the university, since it is located in the woods off-campus. This site gives professor Köbberling an interesting stage and plenty of space to experiment with her students, to collect materials, bring strategies of anti-consumerism into reality, and to think about mobility. Her work is unapologetic and exciting; ready to take on a post-growth or even de-growth future with disarming optimism. She is convinced about the richness of practice and aesthetics with all of the resources and materials we have right in front of us.

Folke Köbberling 



Institute for architecture related art, TU-Braunschweig 



Photo: reused materials - Christmas trees, IAK  


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