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rƎCAsʇ bʎ DƎsᴉgN

ɐrchitects Annelie Seemann and Marc Torras Montfort  

Seemann-Torras Architektur 


Photo: Landhaus from 1738 , Alt-Marienfelde, Berlin 

This interview is with Annalie Seeman and Marc Torras Montfort, two young architects that have passionately developed their firm focusing on historic preservation using natural materials and regional handwork while maintaining a self-awareness towards sustainability and civic responsibility.


I became interested in Seeman-Torres after I saw a letter they wrote for an exhibition called “Letters to the Mayor” put on by DAZ, the german architecture center. The idea of the exhibition is to get architects to share their thoughts and visions for the city. I found it surprising that so few berlin-based architects found a way to envision how architecture can play a role in a more sustainable future. Many focused on policy and urban planning in regards to housing and transportation, which is a logical thing to talk about in the context of political discussion. However, Annalie Seeman, struck a different note, appealing to individuals to change their lives and expectations to be more sustainable with their choices at home AND by appealing to the government to subsidise these changes through the way we build buildings. Talking with Annalie and Marc in this interview and seeing some of their work has been equally refreshing and thoughtful.

Seemann Torras Architektur 



Photo: "Baracke 92B", Marzahn-Hellersdorf, Berlin 


Photo:  Landhaus from 1738 , Alt-Marienfelde, Berlin 


Photo: Landhaus from 1738 , Alt-Marienfelde, Berlin 

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