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rƎCAsʇ bʎ DƎsᴉgN

ɹesearcher Larisa Tsvetkova 



Photo: Spreefeld Co-Housing, Berlin 

This interview is with Larisa Tsvetkova, a researcher in co-housing with an astute perspective on the politics of housing at large.


Larisa Tsvetkova’s name started to appear in several different places for me. She has a diverse research-based practice into co-housing through writing, teaching, making publications, giving tours, and, currently, she is on the board of directors for immovielien - a network for building projects developed for and by the people inhabiting them. These are models striving toward city development aimed at the common good rather than for profit. In Germany, people may have heard of bau-gruppen, genossenschaften, and the mietshäusersyndikat -  or in english, building groups, cooperative housing, or the syndicate of rental houses. Outside of Germany, these forms of building collectives are less well known - but could prove to be powerful tools to fight gentrification and the destruction of livelihoods through economic downturns. In this interview we discuss the power of self-managed and self-produced buildings to respond to crises and to undo the speculative housing market dominating our cities today. 

Netzwerk Immovielien:  Network of real-estate, for the many and by the many  


Photo: Spreefeld Co-Housing with ID22 design-build workshop bridge 


Photo:  Co-Housing Inclusive, Larisa Tsvetkova speaking 


Photo: Co-Housing Inclusive Book:  

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