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Photo: Victoria Tomaschko 

Welcome to STATISTA. One of many “Pioneer  Usages” at the Haus  der Statistik, all pointing  to bottom-up models of urban   statecraft beyond gentrification. 


Nine collectives are invited to present their work at the STATISTA  conference, September  13-16. Their common ground:  unapologetic  long term agendas, neighborhood engagement,  and  a group investment in both artistic  production and urban politics. 

sub_ʇxǝʇ_Threads_HdS_LAUNCH BROADCAST -1


w/ Leonie Roessler and Shanti  Suki Osman, Schneider TM,  Aiwen, Felix Marlow 

sub_ʇxǝʇ_Threads_HdS Tirdad Zolghadr.jpg

Tirdad Zolghadr 

Curator of STATISTA in  conversation with Alex Head on  collective distortions 

sub_ʇxǝʇ_Threads_HdS_BLOCK 1_.jpg


w/ Stephanie Holl Trieu, Konrad  Braun, Chor der Statistik, Chris  Peck 

sub_ʇxǝʇ_Threads_HdS_BLOCK 2.jpg


w/ STATISTA CURATOR Matthias  Einhoff, Nina Peters, ambassador  of the Werkstatt, Chor der  Statistik 

sub_ʇxǝʇ_Threads_HdS_AIWEN YIN_COSMOPOLI

Aiwen Yin 

ZK/U Resident in conversation  with Alex Head, Chris Peck, Tim  Lang 


CATPC - Outside the White Cube 

Ced'Art Tomasola, Mattieu  Kasiama, Le Cercle d'art de  travailleurs plantation  congolaise, Janke Brands,  Institute for Human  Activities 

sub_ʇxǝʇ_Threads_HdS Campus in Camps.jpg

Campus in Camps - Permanent  Temporariness 

Presentation from Alessandro  Petti, Isshaq Al-Barbary 

sub_ʇxǝʇ_Threads_HdS Chto Delat.jpg

Chto Delat - Houses of Culture 

Cultural models  based on  principles of comradeship 


Nachbarschaftsakademie  Prinzessinengärten 

Presentation on rural knowledge  sharing, cultural  practice and  activism 



Presentation by Jakarta-based  collective playing with the  notion of collective of collectives 

STATISTA Conference 
From broken windows theory to birdshit utopianism we catch up with  the masters of disaster in their latest reconfiguration: the STATISTA  Conference at Haus der Statistik, Berlin. 

Join sub_ʇxǝʇ for live coverage and debate with a renewed network of  actors from across the globe as we problematise the concerns of  citizens fighting the monster of urban development for urban  development’s sake. 

Given the radical assertion of citizen-state power to reclaim the Haus  der Statistik from private speculation to deliver it into the hands of  citizens, artists and initiatives, sub_ʇxǝʇ will explore how utopianism or  utopian thinking perceives absence as presence and birdshit as benefit  while exploring correlations to the digital urban commons and other  forms of speculative crypto-capitalism. 

Clearly the logic of city privatisation displaces its citizens. But what  about the securitisation we are constantly told is the price of our digital  privacy: the exchange of highly personal data for digital services? As the  state becomes beholden to huge data gathering extra-national  corporations where, finally, will those who cannot afford to rent a place  in that city, or a space outside of that security actually be? 

In a world of capital gone topsy-turvy we dare to ask: why can it not all  simply ‘be different’? 






















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