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Stock Music 

Agnieszka Polska.jpg

Artist Agnieszka Polska presents a mix of stock music and royalty-free audio of the kind that she uses to soundtrack her video pieces.

About Recorded Research: 
Nathan Gray is an artist who works with spoken word and the voice his works take form  as lecture-performances, radio-plays, narrative and rumour. He is the host of the Weirding Module on sub_ʇxǝʇ, an ongoing enquiry into the spoken word in contemporary art and  experimental music. 
He is one of the programmers of Threads*sub_ʇxǝʇ and started the series Recorded  Research where artists make mixes on a chosen topic of importance to their practice in 2019. 

He writes fiction and art criticism for various publications including this one. 
Look for him on
Twitter: @nathansnawklor


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