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 Acting Upon Violence 

 W Catherine Ryan, Sybella  Perry, Wassan Ali, Imma Luis  Harms, Tanya Knaus, Anna  Kostreva, Tyler Fox, Dj Willie  One Time and Alex Head 

sub_ʇxǝʇ investigates seeks to speak from amongst a complex  set of geopolitical and historical pressures, such as  the 2017  Confederate Statue Removals in the United States or the 2018  right wing protests of Chemnitz, Germany. The  current  (2019)  show in this series tackles digital gender profiling and  surveillance through Amazon’s personal assistant Alexa. 


 W Nina Prader and Alex Head 

„Bad German!“ 

 W Markus Stein, Club Al  Hakawati and Alex Head 

 A Third Landscape  Perspective 

 W Anna Kostreva & Alex  Head 

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