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A Third Landscape  Perspective 

A Third Landscape Perspective was a talk originally  given by Anna Kostreva and Alex Head at Das  KAPiTAL in Berlin. The artists describe their  impressions of urban-digital-environments from  their recent two month residency in Yogyakarta and  Jakarta, Indonesia. In particular, they discuss their  installation “Alexa Goes to Jail” (part of the show  SUARA SUARA at the Jakarta History Museum) and  the island developments along the northern coast 

of Jakarta. 

Opening with the work “Declassified Records”  curtesy of the artist Helen Heß. 

Thanks for support from Wasteland Twinning  Network , ifa Gallery Berlin, Rujak Urban Studies  Center, KUNCI Cultural Studies Center, Jakarta  History Museum and DAS KAPiTAL 

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