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-  12.00-03.40 CEST 



12.00-14.00 - INTERNATIONAL ANTIFASCIST FEMINIST FRONT feat Angela Dimitrakaki 

Art of the Possible: Towards an International Antifascist Feminist Front. Writer Angela Dimitrakaki and theorist Antonia Majaca were invited by visual artist Sanja Iveković to animate her Monument to Revolution installed in Athens in the context of Documenta 14. The original monument in Berlin (in memory of Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht) was destroyed by the Nazis. The new monument is set symbolically in Athens where the struggle against capitalism is rife. Thirty international feminist contributors, individuals or collectives, were asked to send a short recording on fascism and the importance of feminist struggle against it. The multi-lingual collection of recordings is scored by sound sculptor AGF. Intro by Angela Dimitrakaki AGF (@poemproducer) assembled, scored, mixed the contributions and broadcasted on #Documenta14 #savvyfunk radio on 28 June 2017

14.00-14.45 - Bad Gays - Pietro Aretino                                
A vituperative satirist who made kings tremble. Bad Gays is a podcast about evil and complicated queers in history. Why do we remember our heroes better than our villains? Hosted by Huw Lemmey and Ben Miller.
14.45-15.45 - Circular Ruins

Circular Ruins is Marijn Degenaar; a musician and visual artist who lives in Berlin. Awaken not out of sleep, but into a prior dream.

15.45-16.15 - Warrick Moses - Hear in My Car
A series exploring our musical relationships to cars and automobility.

16.15-16.45 - Rosanna Lovell and Gregor Kapser - What do you hear?
Berlin based artists Rosanna Lovell and Gregor Kasper reflect on four years as a period of time elapsed. In this listening session for not-live radio, they continue their practice using methods from the activist sound art collective Ultra Red. Thinking about how the sonic informs us about place, time and space, becomes political, emotional and what this can lead to or represent.

16.45-17.15 - Off Air Gems 

Shanti Suki Osman and Alex Head take to their microphones to discuss listening, nepotism, lived experience and more.

17.15-18.15 - The Weirding Module #18 - After-Party Poesis
Focusing on the spoken word and the voice in contemporary art and experimental music. Nathan Gray attempts new feats of poesis - bringing into being new noises from the oldest of instruments the human throat.

18.15-18.40 - Alex Head - Replikation mit Variation
Der Künstler, Autor und Radioproduzent Alex Head nimmt eine befristete Stelle bei der staatlich geförderten Impfung in Berlin an, um seinen Teil der Kosten für sein neues Buch über Kulturelle Epigenetik und die Philosophie des Wechsels aufzubringen. Aber der Übergang von 10 Jahren experimenteller Kunstpraxis im öffentlichen Raum zur Injektion von (in Bezug auf den Größenmaßstab) "experimentellen" mRNA-Impfstoffen in die Arme von Menschen bringt seine eigenen Frustrationen mit sich, hauptsächlich mit der deutschen Sprache! Der Künstler beschreibt seine Erfahrungen und was sie über die Menschheit und unsere aktuelle Gesellschaft aussagen. Mit Blick auf den globalen Kontext dabei.
(Auf Deutsch mit Hilfe unseres Sponsors

18.40-19.10 - Manuel Pessoa de Lima

Manuel Pessoa de Lima is a Brazilian performer-composer. Works with the color red, and is interested in the theme of failure. In a mixtape of heavy metal and meditation relaxation music, you get some advice from Siri and Alexa on how to better hate yourself.

19.10-20.10 - Sentimental Songs for Sentimental People - Episode #12: Tears
Based on her current research, Sentimental Songs for Sentimental People merges the sounds of sentimentalism with  critical historical commentary that follows the long  arc of pop music—from the late eighteenth-century  through to the present. Get into your feelings and  feel all the feels. Episode 12 sounds out the weepers and bawlers of pop history with tracks about tears. There won’t be a dry eye in the house; pass the kleenex, please.

20.10-21.20 - Ramen Radio #18
Ramen Radio combines current and archival music from around the world to get your juices flowing. Contains noodles.

21.20-22.20 - Rogue Syntax Part 1: Between the Ear and The Mouth
Between the Ear and the Mouth offers listeners a high-end undercoat of linguistic basics, upon which successive Rogue Syntax layers will be built. Linguistic facts are leavened by multilingual examples: speech experiments; vocal antics; lecture performances; sound poetry; ghost stories; 1960s West German experimental radio; Chinese Tang dynasty poetry; language games; and parsing of one very dumb sentence.

22.20-23.10 - D.I.Y. Church - radio als werkstatt - free re-edits edition 

Radio Workshop war ein Radiolabor für experimentelle technische und inhaltliche Versuchsanordnungen und kann in der Tradition eines Radiophonic Workshops der BBC oder auch dem Pariser Studio d’Essai de la Radiodiffusion gesehen werden. 

Hier geht es um eine Workshop-basierte Programmidee der Wissensproduktion, die den Prozess, das Experiment und die Resultate als eigenständige Radiosendungen dokumentiert, dabei soll es weniger um Do-It-Yourself gehen, vielmehr ist das Do-It-Together gefragt, sei es beim Aufsetzen eines Servers, Experimentieren mit mobilem Radio-Streaming, dem Bauen utopischer Soundeffekte oder Formen des kollektiven Schreibens für Moderations-skripte und Hörspiel-artige Situationen.

Die Re-edits Edition ist eine einmalige Re-editierung  aller Episoden plus Kommentar (sub_ʇxǝʇ) der Marcher*innen zum Anlass des 4 Jährigen Radiomachens von sub_ʇxǝʇ radio.

Archive & Log zu dem ausgangsmaterial sind zu finden unter:

mit stimmen von: 


Merve, Natalia Acevedo-Ferreira, Ola Zielińska, Helena Otto, 

Andreea Bellu, Seçil Yersel/ Oda Projesi, Jens Mentrup/KM, 

DJ Schlucht Spaziergängern am Mehringplaz, Auguste Vickunaite, 

DL7APV, Sara Lehn, Ali, Anonymes AN-A & natürlich auch Anette Bibi, Thea Rasche,  und Andrew Clarke

23.10-00.10 - Bex Burch - Resonant Advisor 2
Bex Burch is a composer, percussionist and improviser. Fundamentally she believes in the transformative power of music and aims to create music which truly resonates.

00.10-01.10 - DJ Borry Brown - Peaches - fruity memories from the dry Corona times

Visual Artist, Born in Bulgaria, part of World Peace (WP) Berlin, the cutest boy in town DJ Borry Brown.

01.10 - 01.40 - Felix Leon Westner

F.L.W. is a Berlin based performance artist, working mainly in the field of sound performance, drawing and installation, his practice is combining pop and poetry with rave and analytical reflections. He presents here several live generated loop tracks (feat. Bernhard Rappold) mixed with spoken word pieces dealing with solid material issues.

01.40-02.40 - LINNÉA

Linnea Palmestål is a DJ, DJ teacher/mentor, producer and hairdresser from Gothenburg, Sweden based in Berlin since over a decade.

Lento Violento, aka Slowstyle, is a pretty unknown genre created by very well known Gigi D'Agostino. This mix should be a nice introduction if you are new to the sound of Lento.

02.40-03.40 - DJ YesYes - 1964-2021(70-160)

DJ yesyes (AKA Park Daham). Born in Incheon, Korea in 1986. Founder of Helicopter Records, I check if I get curious. TRIED TO INTRODUCE KOREAN MUSIC FROM NEW TO OLD, MUSIC FROM 1964 TO 2021, BPM FROM 70 TO 160, HOPE THE FOLLOWING NAMES ARE A CLUE TO YOU. "HWI, DJ BACKSTAGE, COMPUTER MUSIC CLUB, MOGWAA, KUANG PROGRAM, Y2K92, JOYUL, SALAMANDA, WONA, ( )³, 李鳳祚, 姜泰煥, Teacher, Father And I"


After four years of foregrounding the informative, the informal and the unforgettable, our foursome of formidable curators (foreigners from four points on the compass) reform their forces and head forward with the benefit of foresight, forgoing the formulaic and forgetting the formalities in order to forge four more years (for sure) of forays into the unforetold and unforeseen. The forecast for forever is fortuitous!


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