22.00-07.00 CET 


  Non)Sleep as Social Practice - Curatorial Guest Takeover by Anabelle Lacroix 

Artists & Contributors: 
Pia Achternkamp aka. loh; Katja Aglert; Félicia  Atkinson; Méryll Ampe; 
Apocrypha | أبوكريفا; Critical Techno; David  Clark:  Nothing to See Here; 
Danilo Correale; Dis Fig; Critical Techno;  Nathan Gray and The  Weirding Module; Alex  Head on Deviancy;  Khalab feat Tenesha The  Wordsmith; Grace  Euna Kim  & Biliana  Voutchkova; Petra  Klepcová; Josephine Mead;  Jannah Quill; Geoff  Robinson; Muhammad  Salah; Gustavo  Sanromán Vázquez 
Shackleton; Anthea Caddy and Thembi Sodell;  Byungseo Yoo 

Work vs./& Abstraction + Feelings (at night): 
Klara Ström; Vera Vice (Ave Vellesalu & Helen  Västrik); Eero Pulkkinen & Eeva-Maija  Pulkkinen; Ana Gutieszca; Vilja Vee (Niko  Tiinanen);  Nadine Byrne; Helena Pulkkinen &  Saara Taipale and Frank Rizzo 


⭐︎ 22:00-22:40 - Dissonance 1: (Non)Sleep as collective, and social practice 

⭐︎ 22:40-23:25 - Release 1: Falling: deconstructions of the mind and time 

⭐︎ 23:25-23:55 - Awakening 1: Political awakenings: on uprisings and de-colonisation 

⭐︎ 23:55-00:10 - Release 2: Collapse 

⭐︎ 00:10-04:50 - Dissonance 2: Sleep,  cognitive capitalism and bio-capital 

⭐︎ 04:50-07:00 - Awakening 2: Dawn:  Transitions & New cosmologies: multi-level  and queer listening