The Weirding Module 

with Nathan Gray #2  

Speech and the voice in  contemporary art and  experimental music. 

As part of the all night program Non-Sleep As Social Practice curated by Anabelle Lacroix. Nathan Gray considers sleep programming, subliminal messaging and sound healing as attempts to make productive time out of periods of rest and sleep using audible and non-audible speech, isochronic tones, binaural and monaural beats and other esoteric audio technologies.


Weirding Module # 12 - Subliminal Programming  

Centring on somniloquy, the practice of speaking in one’s sleep this episode deals with sleep, dreams, insomnia and nightmares and includes tracks sleep hypnosis, sleep learning and subliminal messages please listen with caution.


Weirding Module # 11 - Somniloquy 

Focussing on the spoken word and the voice  in experimental music and contemporary art.  Stories, sound poetry, Hörspiele lecture  performance. 


Weirding Module #10 - Alles auf Deutsch 

Weirding Module #9 - Auf dem Markt 

The Weirding Module sells out!!
Episode 9 "Auf Dem Markt / On The Market".

This show features:
Mark Fisher and Justin Barton,
Henri Chopin, Katlin Ladik, Luc Ferrari, Dashiell Hedayat, Antje Vowinckel, Crys Cole and Oren  Ambarchi, Phew, Meitei, Carl Stone, Jena  Sutela and Stine Janvin. 



This episode deals with Mark Fisher's book  The Weird and The Eerie, I'll play some of the  musical and literary references as well as  some works that I think express his idea that  there is something inherently eerie about the  acousmatic experience. 


Weirding Module #8 - A Tentacle Mess 

Weirding Module #7 - Didactic Nonsense 

This edition is framed by Agnes Scherer's didactic operetta The Teacher and deals with works that seemingly set out to educate and explain but obscure, obfuscate, complexify and tangentialise knowledge into nonsense.